Underwater Post Process


So for this shader/post process i wanted an underwater look when the camera goes under water but i didnt just want to use the basic method which is when they put a post process underneath the water so that when the camera goes there is causes the underwater effect to happen. Now there were two reasons why i didnt want it. First you have to make the post process to the size of the water manually. Secondly i wanted there to be a transition line from when the camera is half way underneath and half above the water. So for these two reasons i went with this approach.

Once i got that “mechanic” working i moved onto the next one which was i wanted there to be an outline where ever there was collisions from other objects ive put pictures to high that, i think that this effect looks nice and adds alot of detail to the water.

The next thing i got working was the under water ripple effect, so that when the camera goes under water there is a ripple on the lens, but it is only the part of the camera under the water is affected.