Short Project

Melee & Projectiles

I’m currently in the process of developing a projectile for the character’s attack animations. This addition will add another layer of engagement to the project, allowing for dynamic combat interactions. As I continue refining the projectile mechanics, I’m looking forward to integrating it seamlessly into the character’s attack repertoire, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Quick Demo #1

This is a brief demonstration showcasing the animations and rig that I’ve developed. I’ve also incorporated some particle effects onto the staff. Moving forward, I intend to implement an attack mechanic that launches a projectile, accurately aiming at the player’s target location.

Anim BP


THere are a few animations that I’ve created and integrated into the project.


Introducing another character rig I’ve developed. While I won’t delve into extensive detail, as I’ve covered the process previously with the alien rig, this character is now ready for further development and integration into the project.