Procedural Sci – Fi Building

The goal for this project was a sci fi look building that was procedural which meant you could pop out loads of models in a few minutes position them around a scene and build one quickly. I was going for a post apocolypse blocky look with these and i think ive acheived that pretty well. I wanted loads of sliders with this building style meaning every single parameter was controllable.

Custom buildings

I wanted to make this a little different to my past project with the procedural building and i wanted to challenge myself, so i wanted to the user to be able to draw their own curves the building would be made depending what the user drew and i wanted it to be done in real time in engine. That way artists can make levels in real time and block out very very quickly with high detail.

In these nodes im saying if the door is above the first floor then put it into a group called stairs which then adds the normals onto it so that i can add the stairs onto them and they are always orientated correctly.