Procedural Modular Moon Base

For this project i wanted to make a moon base modular set, where the user has a load of parameters and they can change them but to get different sizes and look for the building. this was the starting reference i used and i wanted to build on this and to be able to change the size height and other parameters to mix up the building.


Reference Image
Different types of buildings you can make by messing around with the parameters


The piece that would allow the buldings to become connected was this tunnel so i made a tunnel piece that would fit nicely along with my doors on my building, and added a path inside of it so that a charactter would be able to walk along

I wanted there to be a glass look on the tunnel so i added a glass shader on the cylinder and then brought it into unreal so that you can shape the tunnel however you want and connect them to the buildings that you have made.


The fence was made similar to the tunnel but some of the differences was that the fence normals had to be changed so that the fence would stay along the permeter, i could make it so that the there is a bit of randomness with a point jitter but i did not want that for this. When working with barriers or fences(any spline system). 1. The normals and 2. The pivot points really matter. because both with control the direction and where the object sits on the curve.

You can see i orientate the pivot so that its on the edge of the fence so that when the fence is attached to the curve it will attatch at that point.

As an example ive made a circle and you can see the blue lines going around the circle those are the point normals, becuase i want the fences orientated to face in the same direction they all point in the same direction makes the fences be orientated correctly.