Python Scripts for Unreal Engine

Since i want to get into technical art i thought it would be a good idea to learn python for unreal.

Why i wanted to use it?

Since it can be used to speed up repetitive tasks alot like prefixes and deleting unused items in a project it become very powerful when used properly. to get started what i did was try to find some tutorials to get a grasp of how to use it in engine.

Material Instance Script

One of the scripts i made were using python to create a instanced version of materials that i had made in unreal. On its own this may not seem that powerful but the way i like to look at simple tools like this is how can they be built up. For example it could be a tool that just makes one instanced material but you could make a tree material which you can instance and then it is applied to all meshs in your scene that have a prefix of “Foliage” that way you dont have to go through a lot of do of repetitivite tasks again this is a theory but you can develop this further. Ill include the scripts below if you would like to see them.

Remove unused objects

Another script that i made was getting rid of unused objects. for example during the testing and experiementing phase of my projects i might add some things just to test with but i forget to add them in the long run. So i used this script to get rid of the objects that i didnt use.

One of the limitations of python in unreal engine is that it cannot be used during runtime and can only be used during the editor window. So the idea from before would mean that you cant make them changes using python during run time.

Ill be adding more scripts as i go on.