Alien Game Rig To Engine

Areas : Rigging, Scripting, Animation and Blueprints (In Engine).

Ill keep updating this post every time i make some progress. ( please read the whole page 🙂 )

Animation Blueprints

I had to make a few more states than I’d wanted to because I was using a layered blend node to merge the top half of my alien’s animations with the bottom half. That way I didn’t have to make two separate animations for it holding the gun and walking, and walking without the gun. It could be done in engine.

I set up a few simple blueprints to get the right values such as “HasGun”, “IsAiming” and “IsShooting” using these i could trigger states in the state machine and get the animation to work

Sending to unreal

Sending it to game engine was as easy as grabbing all the bones that i had animated on. A quick hack i use to avoid having to find everything ive animated on is that i make a selection set of all my key bones before i start rigging, that way when its time to export i can grab that selection set and export it in a few seconds and if i make any changes it takes no time at all.

All Anims

These are all the animations i used.

Walk Cycle

Now animation isnt my strong suit but i just wanted to show that the controls on the rig work so this is a quick walk anim and ive exported it into Unreal aswell which i plan to blend together with a walk and an Aim down anim to just do a quick demo although depending how well the animations go this may or may not happen :p

Since last time i have added controls for the animator to use in order to get the character animated alot easier. for example rather than having to animate the legs with just one IK controller and positioning the feet manually, there are two controls that blend between poses and allow for the characters feet to be animated with just them.

Adding on Controllers


Auto Controller

This is another script that i made and used in the creation of this rig, you select all your bones on the list on the right and all your controllers on the left and it will auto constraint them all. which can save alot of time when you have 100s on bones. as long as you have all the bones selected it will auto populate and you dont have to go through it manually and do it.


I made a script where you can pick the shoulder, elbow and wrist of your rig and it will create the FK IK blend for me and will save time.

IK ==> FK & FK ==> IK

Ive added these two buttons onto the handle in order to allow arm snapping to IK and FK when posing the arms

This is a new miniproject im doing just to refresh my rigging knowledge, I have just started it but over the next few days im going to get the character skined with the props added onto him. The reason im doing this is because i want to learn a few more rigging techniques that i didnt know before and to perfect the workflow from 3d software to game engine.